Magnetic field calculator - Results

IGRF-12 (2015) Model Results

  • Latitude: 64.1200° North
  • Longitude: 21° 51.60' West
  • Date: 1945-03-15
D (°) I (°) H (nT) Z (nT) F (nT) X (nT) Y (nT)
-27.318 76.158 12,181 49,437 50,915 10,822 -5,590

Annual change
D ('/y) I ('/y) H (nT/y) Z (nT/y) F (nT/y) X (nT/y) Y (nT/y)
5.5 -0.2 8.5 24.5 25.8 16.5 13.5

Note that the units for the annual change of D and I are minutes/year and H,Z,F,X,Y are nanoTesla/year.

For information about the magnetic components, please visit the Magnetic components page.

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This calculator may be used to calculate values of all seven magnetic components (D, I, H, Z, F, X, Y) for a specified location and date based on the International Geomagnetic Reference Field model.

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